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Swisstime Genuine Swiss Made Clone Watches

Unlike many replica sites we feel it is important to know whom you are dealing with. Therefore we have taken the time to give you a detailed background into the history behind our company and how we came to be. Swisstime and its founding partners have been in the watch business for over two decades. We are Swiss jewellers with huge experience in Swiss watch manufacturing and we are based in Geneva.

One could consider the domain new to the Internet but this bears no reflection to the experience behind the operation. One side of our company’s partnership started its humble beginnings back in 1994 as a trade importer/exporter of watch movements for independent watch houses. In 1996 new developments were seen to be opening up in the watch business due to the power of the internet.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

A huge market quickly opened for high quality replicas and it was obvious to predict that the demand would only increase for a watch that was produced as a perfect copy and yet could be classed as a high quality Swiss timepiece. Moving quickly on this opportunity and having the direct links to the manufactures to whom we supplied parts to, our partners ventured into the watch wholesale market and quickly created contacts around the world and ended up supplying many of the large watch sites that were at the time coming online.

Even then there was a reluctance to move into the retail side of the business as this meant a total change of approach and possibly loosing some valuable business already gained. However with the recent surge in the market one could not ignore the potential of the Internet retail side of the business. Through simple research it was noticed that many other sites have to overcharge their customers due to being out of the “inner circle” of the business. With most replica sites there can be up to three middle men pushing up the price of a watch before is gets to the consumer. Seeing this it was obvious that we had the power to capitalize on this factor and offer our products direct to the customer at a fraction of the normal cost.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

With this insight and constant persuasion from the now co-owner of Swisstime.sr, a former partner of a leading watch dealer in New York, Swisstime.sr was formed and put into motion. This moulded together a unique team with vast internet and customer experience with the Swiss watch factories official exporter. The company’s backbone is the key to our quick success and we believe Swisstime not only offers our customers some incredible discounts on Swiss Clones but also the comfort and assurance that one is dealing in a highly motivated, knowledgeable and professional team. We stand by our products and trusted customer service to provide you with a truly unique experience that the replica watch market has always lacked.

Swisstime Headquarters

SwissTime Headquarters
The headquarters of SwissTime Watch International represents a beautiful modern building in GENEVA. In our watch factory, about 375 employees work in several departments, including: R&D, Components Production, Decoration, Assembly and final inspection. The ground floor of the building houses the workshops for movements’ production in one wing, while timepieces are prepared for shipping in the other wing. We have a special room equipped with highly automated CNC milling, as well as modern electric discharge machines. In the room, Swisstime experienced watchmakers magically turn raw materials into roughed-out cases and movement plates. The air in the room makes one immediately feel the scent of machining oil necessary for lubrication and cooling the cutting heads of the milling machines. The temperature gets warmer as a result of the output of the big-sized machines.

Quality control guarantees that every watch corresponds to the specifications for the particular reference number, and all parts are perfectly executed. As for the final assembly and casing, these stages take place in a positive-pressure room – dusts together with other possible contaminants are blown away from any not air-tight joints. There is various ultra modern machinery that participate in creation of timepieces, like for example a “tool set” used for milling a case band. The CNC machines are able to automatically change and select the necessary tool for a certain operation. It does so from a pre set “reservoir” of tools.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

When you move up the stairs and find yourself on the first floor, you will see there special facilities for movement component decoration, case and bracelet polish, strict watch testing and movement manufacturing, with complicated watches being no exception. Quality control of the movement components and parts represents a long process that implies checking 90,000 components annually, through 400 points of control, and amazing 4000 individual tests. So from the above you understand that we are a Swiss based factory and it’s impossible for us to cover all watch models of the market. So we Clone only the top models we are 100% sure they will meet all Swiss watch making standards.

After packaging the watches are sent to our distributions facilities around the world. We do not ship the watches directly form our factory to avoid custom controls and taxes which would double or triple the price of our products. Don’t be fooled by your impressions of replica watches from a short time ago. With the introduction of CNC equipment and machinery along with the advent of internet e-commerce, what you may remember seeing at flea markets years ago selling as costume jewelry, today’s clone watches are comparable in quality to some original watch brands that sell for thousands of dollars.

Although replica watches have greatly improved over the years unfortunately the business of selling replicas is another story. The world of replicas has been filled with “fly by night businesses” and all sort of sites using all sorts of different names and descriptions. Add to this many unscrupulous dealers who describe a $400 dollar replica as “high end” or “swiss made” and even worse other vendors who simply defraud consumers by not sending out a watch at all no wonder there is such confusion. Replica Watches have been available online in some capacity for over 20 years.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

It began with a few low key sellers advertising on mailing lists and message boards to full e-commerce shopping cart websites catering to the huge demand. This period is considered the first generation of the replica watch phenomenon. The trend toward a higher quality replica continues today and the next generation is being brought to you by Swisstime.sr Swiss Clone Watch Co. This is the first time where Fortune 500 will meet the Clone Watch Industry. Over the past 20 years Swisstime has been the owner of several companies from a number of different industries. In our last venture (also a start-up) Swisstime raised over $100 million in investment to launch the Swiss based company in a period of six months and built a sales organization of 21 people and were selling in excess of 2 million per month.

The entire industry was amazed by the thought of paying $1,000 for a Clone watch that is similar in quality and feel and it’s a very enticing proposition. You could own several “Clones” for the price of one genuine timepiece and if it was to get lost or stolen it would be easily replaced. With Swisstime experience in managing large companies and leading international sales and marketing organizations we felt there was an immediate need for a company to create a new Clone watch “standard” and “brand” that would guarantee long term loyalty and a significant advantage over the competition.

Our brand new cloned movement watches are finally available for you to purchase. We are using only original Swiss parts and the same materials that are used by the prestigious watch manufacturers. They are 1:1 clones so even if inspected by a swiss jeweler they will not be able to tell that its a clone! We have selected the most popular models to CLONE and will be added more models on a monthly basis. You will find all the specifications and actual details of the watches on the respective watch pages so we hope you enjoy browsing our site and you are one step away from owning a truly perfect clone and fantastic timepiece.

Cost Bypass

When you buy an Original Swiss watch, what you really pay for is:

Cost of research, design and development of the watch parts and movement
Advertising cost in magazines, movies, events (tennis, golf and horse riding tournaments, formula 1 races, sailing-regatta races, polo horse games etc).
Manufacturing factory profit, huge headquarters facilities, service and national dealer profit and local dealer boutique profit
Huge exhibitions costs
Customs tax, vat tax
When you buy a Swisstime Clone you pay just for the Manufacturing factory profit and nothing else! So from the above you understand the reason why our Swisstime Clones costs significant lower than the original.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

At Swisstime we house a full service and parts department. We hold vast stocks of watch components to cover every model sold on the site. So if you looking for a extra link or a totally new strap, our parts department is at hand to ship items direct to your door or by all mean you may return your Clone watch for a professional refit, service or clean.

As with any good Swiss watch we recommend owners to service their watches at least every five years. This is to ensure oils are replaced and the watch is tuned for accuracy. Most local jewellers are very familiar with Swiss movements however if you feel more comfortable with a back to base service then email us and someone from our service department will contact you back. A back to base five year full Swiss service costs only $150 excluding shipping costs.

Devised with the watch collector in mind and after years of development and perfecting quality clone time piece, we are now pleased to offer the exclusive Swisstime Clones Collection.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

At the pinnacle of perfection this exclusive collection offers a quality of watch that is classified above base Swiss specifications and portrays a level of craftsmanship that even surpasses many famous Swiss watch brands. Craftsmanship, reliability and precision go hand in hand as extra attention to detail can be afforded due to skilled production methods and specialized watch making techniques. Specifications over standard base Swiss standards and include moissanite diamonds, rubies and sapphires where applicable, Heavy Wrap 18k Gold on 2-tone watches, genuine movement parts and top luxury finish. Please note Swiss Clones are not available from other dealers and are not stocked in the USA. All US orders will be shipped direct from our headquarters in Europe or from our international warehouses.

Swisstime has supplied watches as wardrobe props for many famous Hollywood block busters. This Summer we were contacted again by a studio to provide a ladies diamond Rolex model to be worn by a leading lady in a movie due out next year. Hollywood Studios love our replicas as they are identical to the originals and offer less liability on set and avoid the studios underwriting heavy insurance premiums and the added cost of safe guarding an expensive watch on location. Over the years we have supplied hard to find vintage models to the latest glitzy diamond watches to the film industry both here in the US and abroad. So next time your watching the latest block busters, check out the watch on the actors wrists, It might well be a Swisstime.

Swisstime has always dealt on an international stage. Due to our web presence we supplied watches to all corners of the globe and have always taken advantage of new markets to promote our products. This year being no exception, we have recently moved into the fast pace and glamour of Dubai. Due to the lax infringement laws in the country, our high quality watches can now be found in select gold outlets in Dubai’s famous downtown gold centres. Various modification have been specially made to some of our watches to include Arabic day wheels for local sales. However main stockist proudly display our European range of Swiss Clones to entice the all -year- round tourist market. Watches are sold slightly more expensive than here online, but as is customary you welcome to haggle.

So if your planning a tax free shopping holiday to Dubai, keep an eye out for the Swisstime brand and above all enjoy your holiday! Our on-line shop of Clone watches offers the visitors a wide range of exclusive timepieces of top SWISS MADE quality. Here you are sure to discover watches featuring numerous designs, styles, innovative functions and complications. Nowadays more and more people choose to purchase Clone watches as they find it advantageous. Before spending thousands of dollars on the original timepiece, they may experiment with affordable Clones. Some people prefer having a few watches to wear them on different occasions. And finally, this way the owners of the originals protect their valuable items from different misfortunes.

About Swiss Replica Watches | Swiss-Made Best Replica Rolex Watches

Classically styled Clone watches can be worn anywhere. They will always help you look elegant yet stylish. Classical design will outlive any changes in fashion. The watches of this style are timeless in the full sense of the word. You are welcome to find the timepiece to suit your style and satisfy all your needs. Ladies are usually looking for a timepiece to serve as a timekeeping device yet to be a real piece of jewelry. Our site will help ladies find the most refined Clone watches for women. This category of watches is also popular among those gentlemen who are eager to surprise their beloved with a nice gift.

The modern style of Clone watches usually creates a great demand among younger customers. Still, these watches are really appealing for people of any age. They will add to your life style more excitement, the spirit of adventure, and will fill you with unflagging energy flow. A fashionable watch is an easy way to make you look special. Sports Clone watches are designed for the most energetic watch buyers. These timepieces are made in the way to accompany those who are often involved in sports activities. They give you a chance to enjoy your favorite sports without a need to take your watch off.

Sports watches also demonstrate a number of useful functions, for example they may comprise a stop-watch. Whatever timepiece you choose, it will provide you with more precision, quality and style. When the word replica watch or fake Rolex comes to mind most people give thought to a street corner in New York City or a flea market in middle America where they can purchase a cheap Chinese knockoff that may be worth twenty bucks. With the advancements in CAD/CAM and CNC machinery over the years a new breed of watches is born. They are Clone watches that are being offered only by Swisstime.sr online and contain genuine Swiss made parts and top shelf Swiss made clone movements the same found in genuine watches.

For only a fraction of the cost the average Joe can now look the part with their very own Clone watch. The Swiss Clone watches are such precise Clones that even under close examination by a trained jeweler they may not be able to authenticate the watch. With that said, the movements in the Clone watches are Swiss Made Cloned movements which you would find in authentic Rolex, Breitling, Panerai watches that cost several thousand dollars. We use the same materials that are used in the originals. The all stainless and gold watches contain real 18K gold on them so you are paying for the quality. On top of that, they are equipped with Swiss sapphire crystals, solid case construction and in some models even with original dials. If you were to walk into a jewellery store looking to buy a no name brand watch you would pay a few thousand for something that is the same quality without the brand name.

That is why these Clone watches are such a commodity and being purchased by many affluent individuals who own the real article. They don’t have to worry about their watch when traveling to unsafe parts of the world because they can put on their Clone Watch knowing the original is safe and sound. It’s not only a great investment to purchase a Clone watch but can give you peace of mind as well.