Swiss Replica Watches Assembled in Geneva

Mounting the hands to an automatic movement to make it preciously levelled is an acquired skill. Each assembly process is done by our watch masters to ensure the highest precision and integrity of the watch.

We follow the original design on the bezel, gasket and the back casing. The gasket and the back casing play the key role of waterproofing the watch up to 300M. All our Clone watches are fitted with Patent Abyss Deep-Sea Water Sealants and unique Abyss double core synthetic ”O” Rings. These are made from an Abyss patent  combination of polymer neoprene and Fluorocarbon synthetic rubber  which is far more resistant to cracking, corrosion and aging that can be a problem with natural rubber. All our Clones are now pressure tested to 10 bars so they are waterproof to 100 meters!

The back covering the case of the watch is one solid piece of stainless steel. This ensures that the watch is pressure-proof to handle deep-sea diving. Some of our Rolex watches come with real green hologram sticker which is glued perfectly on the back. As of 2012 real Rolex models no longer come with holograms so we removed them from our models.

Our selected divers models now comes with working Helium Release Valve and they are fitted with the same extra thick Sapphire crystal as the original, making them water proofed to a staggering 300 meters. Although slightly less flexible, it was developed to withstand high oxygen environments and other hostile chemicals and gases that will deteriorate natural rubber gaskets in short order.

The bezels are designed with smooth uni-directional or bi-directional clicks to achieve high accuracy and in select models we use real solid high-tech ceramic material. They have 100% same construction as genuine.

Each Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss caliber is fine tuned at the final stage to ensure the time accuracy is within the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres standard of +6/-4 seconds per day using the most advanced digital Timegraphers. Also two testing machines simulate extreme “G-Forces” on the movement to assure flawless operation. A power drop machine simulates a three meter drop onto a wooden floor – a long standing Swiss standard is that a watch case and movement should withstand such a fall. The watch band is tested for strength and durability in our automatic Band Tester for 3 hours. A machine does torsion testing to test the straps strength and long term durability.