ETA Horlogere Suisse is a company owned by the Swatch Group and manufactures most of the movements used in Swiss made watches today. The developing and producing cost of in-house movements is extremely high so most Swiss watch brands use existing ETA movements. In the past even Rolex was using ETA Valjoux and Zenith El-Primero movements for their Daytona chronographs. A few Swiss watch brands are slightly modifying existing ETA movements with engravings, new rotors, colored wheels etc. and they baptize them as in-house based on ETA xxxx.

Top Swiss watch brands are capable of producing the majority of their movement components themselves and manufacture in-house movements. In the replica-fake watch market the majority of the “Swiss ETA” called movements is ETA style Asian made movements. Only a few Replica watch manufactures are using genuine Swiss ETA or modified Swiss ETA movements and this reflects on their prices.