Many time buyers may ask themselves if is for real or a scam? is a Swiss Watch Factory and this website is our portal to the world since we obviously can’t open a store in 5th Avenue. We are dealing with hundreds of emails and phone calls each day and we totally understand that this is a question that it’s on your mind.

We are in a business that security and protection is extremely important to us, due the nature of our products, so we thought we would share a few facts to put you at total easy when buying a watch from

1: is a Swiss replica watch manufacturer and not a reseller! is a Swiss Watch Factory based in Geneva Switzerland. We manufacture Swiss replica watches and we sell them via our international distribution network. We are not the middle man since we produce all the products we sell.

2: entire website is SSL secure and not just the checkout page!

That means that your visit to our official website is 100% secure and all your data and credit card details are encrypted and kept totally private even from us. maintains an impeccable record by delivering Swiss made replica watches exactly as advertised.

3. With your money is 100% protected and insure at all times by Visa and MasterCard.

As with any company that operates online with Visa and MasterCard you are always 100% protected by your credit card company to get your money back in the event of any fraud.

4. guarantees delivery of your watch free of custom intervention and import tax no matter where you live.

With years of experience under our belt we know how to get your watch to you safely. We guarantee your delivery will be void of any customs issues or import tax.

5. offer a no questions asked 7 day return and exchange policy.

If you are not happy with your watch you may return it for a full refund or exchange it for another model of the same value. This policy is guarantee both by us and your payment provider.

Happy Safe Shopping!